Toddlets: Sweeney Todd Inspired Fingerless Mittens Pattern

Toddlets: Sweeney Todd Inspired Fingerless Mittens Pattern

An easy pattern for some seed stitch fingerless mitts.

When I first saw Tim Burton’s adaptation of Sweeney Todd, I fell in love with the costuming. Most of those lovely costumes were beyond my craft skills (and available time) but I though those seed stitch fingerless mitts that Johnny Depp wears in the posters would be pretty simple to make, so I had a go. Unfortunately I lost the first pair I made, but now I’ve made another so I can share the pattern with you!

You will need:

1 set of 5.5mm dpns (double pointed needles)

1 (or 2 if you want longer mitts) ball of dark grey or dark coloured yarn that knits to gauge

A darning needle for weaving in any stray ends

Gauge: 18 sts and 22 rows= 4 inches

Glove: (make two)

Cast on 24 stitches (or more for larger gloves, just keep the numbers even)

Join round being careful not to twist stitches

Work evenly in seed stitch (*knit 1 purl 1* to end, then *purl 1 knit 1* to end on the next row) until piece measure 4 ½ inches from cast on row (or desired length)

Break the round and work backwards and forwards for 1 ½ inches (this will form the hole for your thumb later on)

Then rejoin the round and continue to work in seed stitch for another 3 inches (or from the top of your thumb to your knuckles) then bind off loosely in seed stitch.

Now the tricky bit: the tube-like bit to cover your thumb. I found that wearing the gloves for a couple of hours to stretch them into shape made sure that the thumb tube wasn’t too big. After wearing them for a few hours, use the darning needle and some scrap wool to tighten up the holes to make them as close to your thumb’s size as possible.

Now take the dpns again and pick up one stitch from the bottom of the hole and knit it. Then pick up two stitches from either side and knit those. Carry on picking up stitches from either side working back and forth in seed stitch and adding another needle when necessary. When you’ve picked up all of the stitches around the hole you should have a vaguely circular tube jutting out at an angle from the glove. Work in seed stitch for another 5-10 rows depending on how long you want it. Bind off loosely and weave in all ends.

Repeat for the other glove (they should look something like this), grab a razor and there you have it: your very own Sweeney Todd gloves!

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YourCity, posted this comment on Jun 27th, 2009

Very useful tips! But, it still hard to do for me!

Darla Beck, posted this comment on Jun 27th, 2009

Great pattern, but I doubt I’d ever learn how to do it.

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